Our 10 Intentions

1. IndigiNews is rooted in respect.

At IndigiNews we practice journalism that is rooted in respect. We are committed to listening, learning and respecting the old ways and the power of story. We understand the significance of oral history and the connection that story has to land, laws and lives.

2. IndigiNews cares about people.

We understand the importance of developing strong relationships within communities and hearing a range of perspectives. We are trained in anti-oppressive and trauma-informed reporting, and understand that there are often historical and political undercurrents that impact communities today.

3. IndigiNews is always listening.

We care and are here to listen. We aim to produce valuable, relevant, trustworthy stories by listening to the communities we serve. We involve people at all stages of our work, from story selection and research to continued conversations after publication. At IndigiNews we all deserve to be heard.

4. IndigiNews is committed to getting it right — every time.

We’re rigorously dedicated to fairness, accuracy and editorial integrity. We maintain the highest journalistic standards, while questioning the status-quo ethics of mainstream media. We think critically about our sources of information, seeking lived experiences and community-based knowledge, in addition to sources that are conventionally considered authoritative. And if we make a mistake, we’re transparent about it.

5. IndigiNews is focused on relational journalism.

We focus on systems — not symptoms — and don’t just swoop in to extract a story. We are committed to consensual conversations and relationship building. We’re dedicated to sharing nuanced, untold stories that reveal a range of truths. We dig up and analyze data to understand the patterns that impact our lives every day. Our editorial agenda isn’t set by breaking news or press releases.

6. IndigiNews builds bridges

IndigiNews investigates the complex problems facing Indigenous Peoples. Our journalists intend to set the table for honest conversation between people who have never walked in each other’s moccasins. We believe that journalism is a tool that can build bridges.

7. IndigiNews prioritizes impact over clicks.

IndigiNews journalists are the vehicle for stories. Instead of our journalists only trying to reach the largest audience possible, our team is focused on informing readers about problems, digging into complexity, highlighting solutions and talking about ways for people to have an impact.

8. IndigiNews is radically transparent.

Journalists are among the least trusted professionals in society. At IndigiNews, we want to earn your trust by being transparent about why we chose a story, how we do our research, what we don’t yet know, our backgrounds and our mistakes.

9. IndigiNews is always evolving.

IndigiNews is always learning. We never assume we have all the answers, and we invite our community to participate in our evolution. We value ideas and listen to concerns from everyone. We strive to create a community in which disagreement is accepted, risk-taking is encouraged and failure is viewed as valuable learning.

10. IndigiNews collaborates to have a larger impact.

We partner with media outlets and other organizations that share our values to pool resources, data and stories. Whenever possible, we make the data behind our investigations publicly available.