IndigiNews launches first fundraising campaign, strives for sustainability.

IndigiNews will always be accessible for those who are not able to make financial contributions. But if you are able to support us, you can help keep our stories available to all — for the long run.

Today, IndigiNews is launching our very first fundraising campaign. Over the next few weeks, we aim to achieve 500 monthly supporters. If you value our reporting, and you are able to support us, click here.

At the beginning of last year, IndigiNews was just a seed, an idea planted in the hearts and minds of a select few who wanted to see a different kind of media in Canada. 

Over the course of a few months, conversations continued about what independent Indigenous-led media could look like. In May 2020, three reporters based in the Okanagan were hired. In August, four more were added across Vancouver Island. We have since changed and grown, but are now a team of full-time and part-time reporters and editors — community members, moms, partners, aunties, working multiple jobs and wearing many hats. 

Some of us study law, or write plays, others juggle babies on our laps, learn their language at night or train in martial arts. But we share a vision for telling the truth, holding truth to power, representing Indigenous Peoples and cultures in their/our diversity, beauty and strength.

During a time when the world was experiencing a global pandemic, uncertainty, fear, IndigiNews was forming, training, and working hard to serve our two regions with stories that make you feel heard, understood and respected. 

Stories like… 

Why are we asking for your support?

We’ve accomplished all of this thanks to a few short-term grants that are now up for renewal. We don’t know how those renewal applications will go. What we do know is that the future sustainability of IndigiNews will depend on you, our readers. 

If we achieve our target of 500 monthly supporters, we can head into our grant renewals with the confidence and peace of mind that no matter what happens our readers have our back. 

IndigiNews stories will always be free and accessible for those who are not able to make financial contributions. But if you are able to support us and you value independent Indigenous news, you can help keep our stories available to all — for the long run. 

While we very much appreciate one-time contributions, the reason we are asking for ongoing, monthly support is for certainty. Stability. A strong foundation to continue our reporting with a predictable, steady budget. 

So we can keep holding powerful institutions to account. 

So we can keep amplifying the stories of Indigenous families who feel voiceless. 

And so we can keep doing the hard work of decolonizing Canadian journalism. 

To become a monthly supporter, click here. 

Thank you.


The IndigiNews Team 

“IndigiNews is all about telling our stories our way, holding people accountable and elevating the stories of our young people.” A message from the IndigiNews team.

Help us raise $25,000 to get justice for Indigenous families who have lost their children

We just want to know what happened to our Indigenous children — and we’re continuing to fight for answers. On June 12 and 13, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) is taking B.C’s Information and Privacy Commissioner and IndigiNews to the B.C Supreme Court. Why? To keep redacted documents from our storytellers. What is MCFD fighting so hard to hide?

We want answers. Will you pitch in so we can continue to hold colonial institutions accountable?

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