IndigiNews hopes you find a home with us for your story.

Find a home for your story with IndigiNews

How to pitch your story and a bit about the IndigiNews' ethics and writing process.

As IndigiNews grows, with the addition of our new Vancouver Island team, and newest managing editor, we want our readers to feel supported when pitching and sharing their stories with us.

Why IndigiNews?

We recognize that we are a new media platform, and we are doing things differently than so-called traditional or mainstream media, for a reason. 

IndigiNews aims to practice anti-oppressive and trauma-informed storytelling. We take great care to practice relationship-based reporting, to honour the authentic voices of those we hear from, while also abiding by the highest standards of journalistic practice.

We fact-check, we seek all sides to all stories, and we strive to report the truth in an accurate and unbiased manner. We take the time to scour all available resources, to ensure the integrity of the stories we tell. When there are allegations made, we will speak to all people and parties in question. This ensures that all those involved have knowledge about what is said and have a voice in the story. 

As we grow, we will continue to work tirelessly to be a part of a community that strengthens our understanding of one another, and that builds bridges rather than walls, through the ancient power of storytelling.

Pitching your story

If you are interested in finding a home for your story with IndigiNews, here’s how:

Email one of our reporters with a 300-500 word paragraph that describes the who, where, when, why, why now, and how of your story idea. We want to know who is involved in the story, who is impacted, where and when something took place, why the story is relevant to readers now, and how you envision your story being shared.

Timeless stories in the journalism world are stories that always have mattered, matter now and always will matter. A timely story is a story that is relevant right now, in our current political, social or economic reality.  If your story is a timeless or timely story, tell us how. 

We are visually-rich storytellers. We love photos, videos and audio. Can your story be told with visuals? If so, do you already have photos you can send in your pitch, or can you describe what visual aids we could incorporate in the story? Tell us about that too.

We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. If your story fits with IndigiNews, we will assign a reporter who will contact you to set up a time for an interview. Interview lengths will vary, depending on what is needed to tell the story. A reporter will discuss the interview process with you beforehand.

Documents and sources are very important to building the facts of a story so that we can honour the story in a way that maintains our high-standards of journalistic practices. We may ask for contact details of those involved in the story or documentation of facts shared. 

If you have any questions or concerns about pitching your stories to IndigiNews, please reach out. 

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