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In the meantime, prepare by viewing the full schedule below and reading our storytelling intentions for 2022.

Day One: The Canoe Journey Begins

9 a.m. – 3 p.m. PST

  • 9am (15 minutes): Housekeeping and self and community protocols
  • 9:15 (30 minutes): Indigenous land connection & story: rooting people to this shared space through story
  • 9:45 (20 minutes): Discussion session
  • 10:05 (10 minutes): Break
  • 10:15 (90 minutes): Trauma- informed, anti-oppressive journalism training with Kelsie Kilawna
  • 11:45 (1h15 min): Nutrition Break
  • 1:00 (60 min): Trauma-informed training continued: Choosing allyship & Decolonizing the Workshop 
  • 2:00 (60 min): Being unapologetically Indigenous in the newsroom with Eden Fineday

Day Two: Unpacking The Canoe

9 a.m. – 3 p.m. PST

  • 9am (15 minutes): Housekeeping, trigger warning, introduction, and protocol sharing
  • 9:15 (90 minutes): Story Exploder w/ Jenessa Joy Klukas: taking a deep dive into the storytelling process, from concept, to interview, to crafting, to publication
  • 10:45 (15 minutes): Break
  • 11:00 (30 minutes): Open Q&A period for the IndigiNews Canoe Paddlers (team)
  • 11:30 (1h15 min): Nutrition Break
  • 12:45 (120 minutes): Sharing Circle: utilizing collective consensus building practices with Kelsie Kilawna
  • 2:30 (30 minutes): Q&A/ Discussion

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