New series on Indigenous reproductive health looking for stories

We’re launching a series on Indigenous reproductive health — past, present, future — and we want to hear your stories and ideas.

When it comes to Indigenous reproductive health in Canada, there are stories of survival and thrival. Indigenous women in particular have faced extreme barriers to healthcare, from violence and traumas in Indian Hospitals and residential schools, mistrust and racism in the medical system, and ongoing barriers to access to care.

Despite lack of culturally-appropriate support and services, Indigenous women and life-givers have continuously fought for their families, their lives and their rights. 

There are huge strides being made in the reclamation and resurgence of Indigenous Peoples’ reproductive health, wellness and birth-work. These stories of resistance, self-determination, kinship and strength give us all hope to keep going, especially during a global health pandemic.

This is why, when asked what we wanted to focus on for a November series, our team chose the topic of reproductive health access. And we want your help to make sure we’re telling the stories that matter.

We cover stories across Vancouver Island and the Okanagan valley.

We are open to a range of topics — from the untold horrors Indigenous life-givers have faced in the Canadian healthcare system, ongoing barriers that Indigenous people face in accessing appropriate care, and the many stories of reclamation and resurgence. 

We know there are incredible stories of Indigenous life-givers and life-supporters surviving and thriving, and we would love for you to point us to the stories you want to share, hear and see. If you would like to see a story, issue or person featured throughout this reproductive health series, please share your story below, email or message us on Facebook over the next week

Send us your reproductive health stories!

If you would like to see a story, issue or person featured throughout this reproductive health series, tell us here. This form is confidential, we won’t share any information without your consent:

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Keep an eye out for the launch of the series the first week of November, as well as a wrap-up event at the end of the month.


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