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IndigiNews offers exclusive newsletter sponsorship for value-aligned businesses and organizations who want to support Indigenous journalism while reaching a highly-engaged audience of residents in the “Okanagan Valley”, “Vancouver Island”, “Lower Mainland” and surrounding areas’.

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Twice a week, IndigiNews lands in the inboxes of over 16,000 subscribers (and growing). As an exclusive newsletter sponsor, you will get great brand recognition while supporting Indigenous journalism. Our newsletter ads take up more screen real estate than traditional banner ads, allowing for custom content resulting in better engagement. Take a look at some examples:

Looking for something different? We are happy to discuss larger opportunities for underwritten content and other custom sponsorships.

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Sponsoring IndigiNews is one way to fund our work; helping us pay our storytellers and editorial team and cover all the editorial, website and travel costs our in-depth and culturally informed storytelling requires.

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Please note that our partners undergo a vetting process to ensure messaging is consistent with IndigiNews values. We are selective about sponsorship partners in order to maintain the trust and loyalty we’ve built with our highly engaged audience. Learn more below:

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