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Becoming an IndigiNews Supporter

Community support makes IndigiNews possible. Contributions from our cuzzins (readers) is a big way that we fund our work — and it’s part of how we stay accountable to our communities. Thank you for backing independent Indigenous-centred media.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my support go?

Your support helps us pay our reporters and editors, covering costs like producing stories and newsletters, hosting trainings and running our website. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to serve our community with the local news and stories you’ve asked for and deserve.

What do I get if I become a supporter?

You get the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed directly to a media organization that aims to serve Indigenous communities through trauma-informed practice. You also get supporter-only emails with additional behind-the-scenes news and insights on where your money goes. (And you’ll get invitations to supporter-only events as they become available!)

How can I contribute without going through the website?

You can send an e-transfer to: Please also email us with your security question and answer. If you’d rather send a cheque, you can send it to The Discourse (our sister company):

Discourse Media Inc.

308 – 877 E Hastings St

Vancouver, BC V6A 3Y1

Is your website secure?

All payments are processed through Stripe. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. All credit card information is encrypted, sent directly to Stripe and is never sent to our website server. This means that we are PCI compliant and any breach of our website won’t result in stolen credit card information. Learn more here.

Will my contribution be considered a charitable donation for tax purposes?

No. We don’t have charitable status, so we can’t provide you a charitable tax receipt. IndigiNews / The Discourse believe local news needs a new, sustainable business model for the digital future so that local news businesses can flourish everywhere, and not just in the communities we serve.

I already contribute. How do I cancel my monthly support?

If you would like to cancel your monthly support, please log into the website here. Once logged in, click the “Subscriptions” button, then select “Cancel” subscription. If you don’t know your password, you can reset your password here. Still having trouble? Get in touch using the “Request customer support” form at the bottom right corner of this page.

I already contribute. How can I update my credit card?

If you need to change your credit card information, please get in touch using the “Request customer support” form in the bottom right corner of this page. Provide your name and phone number, and we will be in touch to update your credit card information. Please only provide a note, name and contact information. We cannot accept credit card information by email or through the support form.

What if I have a different question?

Get in touch using the “Request customer support” form at the bottom of this page.

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