Exhibit explores rich identity of Indigenous tattooing 

Leading artists are featured in ‘Body Language’ — on display at Museum of Surrey until Sept. 4

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Awakening a Haida clan that slept for 150 years

Siblings Kalga Jaad Erin Brillon and Skil Xaaw Jesse Brillon worked together to host the return of their Haida clan of Laana Tsaadas with first feast in more than a century

Podcast digs into story of enduring icon Buffy Sainte-Marie

‘She has always been there for us,’ says Falen Johnson, who hosts the five-part CBC podcast ‘Buffy’

Kelowna Museums offers introductory nsyilxcən course for all learners

In addition to learning basics of nsyilxcən, participants will also explore language-related values and teachings

IndigiNews welcomes familiar faces to new roles

Odette Auger and Anna McKenzie bring experience and expertise to guide the organization forward

Artwork from prisons gives glimpse into lives of incarcerated people: ‘we’re still human’

‘When you’re in an 8×10 cell you’re in your head a lot. When you can have a bit of an escape, it can pull you out of deep depression,’ says one creator in the ART & Justice exhibit

Hotlatch: Queer Indigenous dance party front and centre at ‘Vancouver’ Pride festival for first time

The time of Pride events being run only by and for white gay men is over, says Dane-Zaa drag performer

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