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Jared Lowndes. Chantel Moore. Chris Amyotte. Julian Jones. 

Since the founding of “Canada,” police forces have been used to remove Indigenous people from our land and make our existence illegal. For centuries, officers have been violently harassing and arresting Indigenous people — sometimes killing them. 

When it comes to investigating crimes against Indigenous people, families seeking justice have also expressed feeling failed by these systems originally built to oppress them.

That’s why IndigiNews is focusing on writing stories that deal with police accountability, holding these historically-racist systems to account. We’re continuing the work we started in 2022, when we covered several high-profile deaths that happened at the hands of police — and after several families of MMIWG+ have spoken out about police neglect of their loved ones’ cases.

Indigenous lives are sacred. We are intrinsically connected to our land. We deserve to be safe on the territories we’ve occupied for more than 40,000 years.

This important work will be carried out by staff reporters and freelance journalists in so-called Canada. Reach out to us if you have a story you believe should be covered. Are you a freelance journalist? We’d love to hear your police accountability pitches.

Follow along as we continue holding state violence against Indigenous people to account.

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