Athena Bonneau syilx and Northern Cree storyteller shares her intentions for 2022

“I still have a lot to learn,” says Athena Bonneau

Reflecting on the last two years I’ve been with IndigiNews – it has grown in so many ways. I remember standing beside Kelsie Kilawna, Chehela Leonard and Lindsay Sample, while building and dreaming up what IndigiNews has now become.

I started as the education reporter for IndigiNews. However, my role is now shifting and expanding. This is an opportunity for me to share more stories that are close to my heart.  

Looking at my previous stories, I covered many online events and webinars because COVID-19 limited our connection with each other as a Nation. 

The past two years have been tough, and has awakened past trauma for many Indigenous Peoples nationwide. However, it is clear that the tmixw (all living lifeforms) want these voices to be heard.

My storytelling intentions for 2022 is to step forward with my other foot. 

I want to be the voice the Nation can call on when it comes to how the syilx people govern our territory, and why our sole purpose is to protect the tmxwulaxw (land) and tmixw (all living lifeforms). syilx Nation is stronger when we stand together – I want to amplify it.

This year you will see my stories prioritize the nsyilxcən language, you will read about the traditional knowledge of the syilx territory, showing respect to and acknowledging our true history, all while always upholding traditional protocol.

I will write more stories on our Indigenous Youth because I want them to feel supported and acknowledged as they grow into our future leaders.

Another focus will be on acknowledging our Nation’s Indigenous artists and athletes.  

I’m a proud Indigenous activist, and I have always had a passion for representing Indigenous Peoples in the past and present.

As a journalist who had no prior experience or education in this field, I still have a lot to learn. Every day I’m grateful for this opportunity and the fantastic team, who took the time to pass on their knowledge so that I could grow.


Protocol: According to nsyilxcən language keepers, there are no capitalizations in the spellings of any nsyilxcən words. In an egalitarian society, capitalization insinuates there is something that holds more importance over another, and that does not fall in line with syilx ethics


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