IndigiNews partners with SheEO, providing a platform for the network’s Indigenous-owned businesses

We’ve offered 10 women-led companies in the SheEO network free advertising this holiday season.

I’m the founder and CEO of IndigiNews’ sister outlet The Discourse and the partnerships lead at IndigiNews. I want to tell you about a special partnership you’ll notice if you subscribe to our newsletter. IndigiNews has partnered with SheEO, a community of businesses owned by women and non-binary folks dedicated to doing business in ways that contribute to a more equitable, sustainable and just world. 

With the holidays nearing, I have been looking for gift purchases that use my buying power for good. You may be too. That’s why we’ve partnered with SheEO to offer 10 companies free advertising. Over the next five weeks, we’ll introduce you to companies like Totem House Design, Sḵwálwen Botanicals and Satya Organic Skincare. All ten are owned and led by women. Four out of 10 are Indigenous-owned. And, all have the Sustainable Development Goals integrated into their business plans.

As a women-led company ourselves, we’re so glad to be able to support SheEO companies in this way. SheEO is one of IndigiNews’ funders, and its community has encouraged and supported us in so many ways. We know that readers of IndigiNews share our commitment to building a better future. Check out the #ShopSheEO page to learn about other companies in our community that share these values.

Here’s to holidays with more impact, less Amazon. 

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